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गवर्नमेंट पंडित दीनदयाल उपाध्याय आर्ट्स एंड कॉमर्स महाविद्यालय
Govt. Arts & Commerce College Tili Road Sagar (M.P.)
Affiliated to Maharaja Chhatrasal Bundelkhand University, Chhatarpur (M.P.)
Tili Road Sagar (M.P.)

Our Vision

The vision of the institution is well chalked out with an eye on our long term goal of extending higher education with quality to the marginalized sections of our society, especially those who cannot afford expensive education in the private sector. Our vision is also shaped by a local necessity of broadening the reach of the services since the old and renowned university situated in the town gradually shrank access to local students after its elevation as a central university. We have a vision to grow as an institute of repute where students arrive for their holistic growth. Presently, the centers of learning have changed their priorities and donned a new role as job delivering enterprises first and foremost. It is of course needed that higher education and employment go together but in the process the primary objective of an educational institute should not be forgotten. We have a vision to grow as a true home for knowledge seekers who may flash the torch for the future generations. Someone has to be conscious of the need lest we should again be over swayed by the blind copying of the West and its reckless material pursuits.